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August 30th, 2020

Jarrett Felton spent most of his career working for big name wealth managing firms. That all changed in May of this year when he founded his own firm, Invessent Wealth Management. 

The name of the firm, "Invessent," is a combination of two words: investment and essence, and it's meant to reflect the guiding principles of Jarrett's firm. His strategy is to find clients when they're in times of financial chaos (which, for many, is right now due to pandemic-related financial troubles), and to help them turn that chaos into clarity. 

While other firms might specialize in serving clients within a specific industry (ie: medical professionals, lawyers, etc.), Jarrett's doors are open to anyone and everyone. He aims to break down the barriers to access into the world of wealth management, to be transparent and build trust with his clients, and to make the experience of managing personal finances one that is rooted in authenticity and integrity.

Invessent is located at One South Washington Street, Suite 130, Rochester NY 14614.

You can email Jarrett at, or give him a call at (585) 510-7060.  

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